Beatrice Hill comes from a long Irish family. Being the only ginger and freckled girl in her school led to her experiencing bullying when at high school for her beauty standing out. She found consort in the history section of the library where she fell in love with European history. 

Over the years she fought with depression resulting from her long social isolation and creating books helped her recover. She is dividing her time between Yorkshire and Minnesota where the love of her life keeps their family together as she is exploring her Irish family history.

In her free time, she enjoys challenging her children’s imagination with educational activities impossible to resist! She considers writing to be her psychotherapy and quite some times she thoroughly discusses the plot of a book with her children, her best consultants, as she always says.

You can always reach me through e-mail.

I will be here to answer your questions and discuss anything you'd like about my Romance Novels.

Stay safe and always think positive! 

It's a state of mind, not a feeling...! ❣️

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